Death to CSV ☠️

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    1. Ich glaube nicht, Stefan 😉 : «Im nächsten Teil lasse ich den zahlreichen Behauptungen hier Daten folgen.»

      Shapefile ist in meinem Arbeitsalltag kein Problem: Stets werden andere Formate angeboten und es werden im Gegensatz zu CSV-Dateien kaum je Shapefiles an mich herangetragen. Und die Gruppe potenzieller Nutzender ist auch Grössenordnungen kleiner.

  1. The topic does deserve more work in our community, and you make some very valid points. Thanks for your post and mentioning Frictionless Data, which we have for years been trying to promote in Switzerland through and – where notably we also have proposed improvements to annotation of GIS formats. does a lot to make the situation visible, and I trust I speak for the community when I say we would appreciate it if there was more work done in government around the world to create Data Packages, reformat publications, and support feedback loops.

    Another key point: CSV is a human and machine-readable open Web Standard. Like it or not, we have an agreement and a standards body (W3C) which has a number of initiatives that need our support. Building import/export functions into office packages, web applications – and browsers, for that matter – should piggyback such efforts.

    Microsoft and Esri are two companies that I do not see budging an inch without commercial incentives attached. So if we want to change something in the status quo, that’s where we should start.

    1. Thank you, Oleg, for your comments and your work regarding Frictionless Data.

      By the way, I wasn’t aware of I think, the Swiss GIS industry would probably (some exponents: certainly) say that, for „geo“, the problem is solved thanks to Interlis (I have a dose of skepticism, mostly about the Interlis tooling).

      You make some valid points about incentives and the wider ecosystem. We should definitely continue to uphold open standards. When it comes to data sharing, maybe even more than one, going forward.

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